National Doctors’ Day is celebrated annually on March 30 to honor physicians.


To the physicians at UNC OB-GYN on National Doctors’ Day,

As today (March 30) is National Doctors’ Day, I wanted to take the opportunity to tell you how much I appreciate that you chose obstetrics and gynecology as your field — and that you have chosen UNC as the place to practice.

To our faculty:

That you have devoted your medical career — or even this part of your career — to serving a public institution with an academic medical center shows your level of dedication to the health of our women and their children. Such dedication fuels UNC’s mission to not only care for the women of North Carolina, but also mentor and educate the physicians who will care for the next generation. Your expertise comforts and empowers women as they navigate their health through shouts of joy and sighs of relief, as well as the processing of more difficult times. So many of you have directly improved the lives of patients all over the world through your research, innovations and drive to answer the unknown and discover solutions to big problems. As your patients thank you for being there for them, I want to thank you for being here with us, at UNC, where your knowledge, curiosity and care directly benefit the lives of women in North Carolina and beyond.

To our fellows:

A desire to train even more in a particular subspecialty means you will be faced with some of the deeper complexities of gynecologic or obstetric care. Thank you for coming to do that here along side of our expert faculty who are at the cutting edge of their subspecialty. Women have the power and freedom to lead more fulfilling lives the more we can optimize the care we give them. For many of you, the research that you do here will carry on throughout the rest of your career, and you will emerge with the expertise to further advance and lead our field. I — as well as those in your divisions — will always be happy to claim you, even if your work takes you far from us.

To our residents:

Whether you seek fellowships, academic work, research or private practice at the end of your four years here, it is always our pleasure to help bring along new doctors into the world of obstetrics and gynecology. I am grateful that you chose a field where you will change women’s lives, giving them confidence through their fears and bringing them celebrated news. You will help them plan their families, listen to their pain and help them find their voices when it comes to their care. You are an important member of our ‘team’ and enrich our department. As you learn here, we all have the opportunity to learn from you, too. You are our ‘alumni,’ so no matter where you go, you are always one of us.

I am proud, today and every day, to be on this team with you all and I am very appreciative for all that you contribute to our patients and our department.


Dan Clarke-Pearson