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Hendree Jones, PhD named director of UNC Horizons program.

Hendree Jones, PhD

Hendree Jones, PhD has been appointed as Director of UNC Horizons and Professor in the UNC Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology.

Dr. Jones is an internationally recognized expert in the development and examination of both behavioral and pharmacologic treatments for pregnant women and their children in risky life situations. Dr. Jones has received continuous NIH funding since 1994 and has published over 145 peer-reviewed publications. She has authored two books, one on treating patients for substance use disorders and a second book focused on comprehensively caring for women who are pregnant and have substance use disorders. She has written multiple textbook chapters on the topic of pregnancy and addiction as well as editorial letters and non-peer reviewed articles for clinicians. In 2012 she won the Betty Ford Award from Association for Medical Education and Research in Substance Abuse for her scientific contributions in advancing women’s addition treatment. She is a consultant for the United Nations and the World Health Organization. Dr. Jones leads or is involved in projects focused on improving the lives of children, women and families in Afghanistan, the Southern Cone, the Republic of Georgia, South Africa, and the United States.

“Building on the strong track record of success in treating women with addiction and their children established by our founding director Connie Renz,we have been able to recruit an aspirational leader for our program in the future.” Shared Dr. John Thorp. “Dr. Jones will bring us her experience and content expertise and help Horizons conduct state of the art investigations in this important field. Those activities are precisely what a university that aspires to be the best public academic health system in the United States needs to be on the forefront of.”