Dr. John Soper served in this role for many years.

Dr. John Boggess
Dr. John Soper

Dr. John Boggess, professor of obstetrics and gynecology at UNC OB-GYN, has been named Medical Director of Gynecologic Oncology at UNC Rex, effective March 1, 2017.

The previous director is Dr. John Soper, Dr. Catherine Sou-Mei Young Professor of Gynecologic Oncology at UNC OB-GYN, who has served in this role for many years.

“Dr. Soper has done a phenomenal job at UNC Rex, and we are grateful for his leadership and vision in helping us to make this location an excellent option for women who need to be seen by a gynecologic oncologist,” said Dr. Paola Gehrig, the division director for UNC Gynecologic Oncology.

“We are excited that Dr. Boggess will assume this role as we continue to offer women in this region the very best in gynecologic oncology care in locations that may be more convenient for them and their support system. Going through a cancer diagnosis and its associated therapy is difficult enough, and anything that we can do to make this easier, while not compromising care in any way, we will do. Our longstanding partnership with Rex has been instrumental to achieving this goal,” she said.