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Meet Dr. Kouri

Where did you grow up?
Lexington, MA

Where did you go to medical school?
University of North Carolina…TARRRRRR

What inspired you to be an OBGYN?
I grew up in a family with many strong women (shoutout to my mama). I felt I could best embody these people who have inspired me so much in my life when I was able to advocate for and work with similar patient populations. I spent a couple of months in remote communities of Honduras with one of UNC’s student run clinics helping to deliver women’s healthcare where there was otherwise none. Witnessing how adequate health education and access to medical resources could enable women to make autonomous and informed decisions about their reproductive health ultimately influenced me to dedicate a medical career in which I could continue to help empower these individuals. I am a high energy doer and the personality of this specialty was a perfect match!

Why did you choose UNC ?
The people, the patients, the place. UNC commits to promoting a strong sense of diversity within our healthcare teams to better reflect those of the patients we are serving, something that is critical to delivering culturally sensitive care. Faculty and residents alike have a unique commitment to education and teaching and I knew this environment would drive me to be a strong clinician with an unmatched experience at the end of my four years …and it doesn’t hurt that I too bleed Carolina Blue (Tar Heel Threepeater!)

What you are most excited about during residency?
Seeing one, doing one, teaching one! I cannot wait to get involved in the OR, on the inpatient floors, and in the clinic.

If you would like to connect with Dr. Kouri, please contact our Residency Program Manager,  Ty Fraga.