Anne Shortliffe, RN

Nurse, Minimally Invasive Gynecologic Surgery

Anne Shortliffe graduated from Vassar College with a BA in Psychology in 1976 and promptly moved to Chapel Hill, NC. Five years later she graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill with a BS in Nursing. From 1981 through 1992, she was employed at Duke University Medical Center, first as a staff nurse on the rehabilitation unit for two years followed by 4 years on The Combined Medical Specialties Unit which cared for patients with a variety of chronic pain disorders. After the birth of her first child in 1987, she worked as a Clinical Research Nurse from 1988 till the end of 1992.

Anne joined the Minimally Invasive Gynecologic Surgery Division as Dr, John Steege’s nurse in January of 1993 and continued in that role until his retirement in August of 2014. She has been present throughout the years of our fellowship program and has watched the Division grow both in terms of services offered and personnel involved. Anne has been married since May of 1982 and is the proud mother of two grown children.