Ariel Cohen, MD

Resident Physician | Class of 2020

Resident Physician | Class of 2020

Where are you coming from? Tulane University (New Orleans, LA)

What inspired you to be an OB/GYN? There is no comparison to the relationship an OB/GYN has with her patients. It’s simply the greatest! You get a chance to be involved in multiple stages of a woman’s life, talk about some of the most sensitive and empowering health issues, and build a phenomenal rapport throughout. And… you get to do surgery! How cool is that?

Why did you choose Carolina? The nicest, most unpretentious, yet accomplished OB/GYNs who happen to be all in the same institution.

What you are most excited about this year? Nerding out daily about OB/GYN and doing patient care! I’m so excited to see our patients, to learn from my fellow house staff AND hospital/clinic staff, and to see some of the amazing things our attendings do. I feel so lucky to be here, in such lovely and humbling company.