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Resident – Class of 2022

Meet Dr. Green

Where did you grow up?
Weston, Florida (aka the Everglades!)
Where did you go to medical school?
University of North Carolina #GDTBATH
What inspired you to be an OBGYN?
OBGYN is the one field that has everything I love about medicine: surgery, a mix of medically complex and young and healthy patients, primary care, subspecialist care. What’s not to love!? I love that we are the physicians who normalize those medical scenarios, like sexual health and “the mystery cycle”, that the public and even other physicians may be intimidated by.
Why did you choose UNC ?
I didn’t find any other program on the residency trail that had as many talented and kind people, with all the resources and research opportunities, world-renowned surgeons all in one place. Carolina has always felt like home from the first time I stepped on campus as an MED student (ask me about MED!)
What you are most excited about during residency?
Gaining great surgical skills from the incredible attendings who are our teachers every day; making memories with my classmates, who every day inspire me to be a better physician; and making the UNC Dept of OBGYN where all patients feel safe and welcome.

If you would like to connect with Dr. Green, please contact our Residency Program Manager,  Ty Fraga.
Photo of Celeste Green, MD, MPH