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Nurse, Minimally Invasive Gynecologic Surgery

For Prospective Fellowship Trainees

Why did you choose UNC MIGS?

I chose to work at MIGS because I knew I would be working with a team of folks that were dedicated to each other and gave unconditional and good patient care. I also like the to work with patient’s that are in need of medical support and have long term illnesses. I knew I would get all of this with in the MIGS department

One Word to Describe Our Program


Favorite/Funniest Moment in MIGS Clinic

There are so many funny things that are shared here in MIGS. But one of the funniest is when Dr Carey came to clinic wearing two miss matched shoes and she asked Deb if she could switch shoes with her.

On My Afternoon S/P Work…

My afternoon, after leaving here, is when I get home to my animals and that includes my husband LOL

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