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Meet Dr. Rittenhouse

Where did you grow up?
I was born and raised in Lancaster, PA.

Where did you go to medical school?
UNC School of Medicine

What inspired you to be an OBGYN?
Drawn to long-term relationships and opportunities for disease prevention, I entered medical school with an inclination toward primary care. However, I very quickly realized I am surgically minded, and I found the best combination of primary care and surgery in OBGYN. Additionally, this specialty complements my interest in global health incredibly well, and I am excited to apply my UNC training to pursue improved women’s health outcomes in low resource settings in the future.

Why did you choose UNC ?
I was initially attracted to UNC’s OBGYN residency program because of the incredible global women’s health department I had the privilege of working with during my NIH Fogarty Fellowship in Lusaka, Zambia. However, it is was the kind, passionate, close-knit, and exceptionally talented residents I met during my 4th year acting internship at UNC that solidified this desire. I was excited to start my residency training with the supportive UNC family by my side.

What you are most excited about during residency?
Continuing to grow as a clinician and surgeon alongside my amazing co-residents.

If you would like to connect with Dr. Rittenhouse, please contact our Residency Program Manager,  Ty Fraga.