Meredith Newton, MD

Resident Physician | Class of 2020

Resident Physician | Class of 2020

Where are you coming from? I am from Maryland originally, but I am coming from the University of Virginia School of Medicine.

What inspired you to be an OB/GYN? I was turned onto Ob/Gyn by a mentor who recognized that I am surgically minded and hands-on yet I love to know the story of my patients. She thought that I would find the best combination of these two in Ob/Gyn. She was spot on. I also love that I have the opportunity to work with women, in all stages of life, through the whole spectrum of life experiences: the good, the bad, and the ugly. All it took to convince me was my first delivery experience, where through the chaos of delivering an apparently lifeless baby, the obstetrician brought a calm to the storm and eased the racing minds of the first-time parents. At that point I knew I would become an Ob/Gyn. (P.S. The baby eventually did well.)

Why did you choose Carolina? I wanted to come to Carolina because of the wonderful people here and the positive, fun, family culture of the program. The residents are talented and incredibly kind, fun-loving, and passionate. I knew I would get excellent training and have the opportunity to work with faculty who are passionate about the care of their patients and the development/training of the residents. As an added bonus, as a graduate of UNC for undergrad, I was extremely excited to come back down to the southern slice of heaven! I absolutely bleed Carolina blue!

What you are most excited about this year? Surviving for the most part! But learning as much as possible and getting to know all of the amazing people here! And hopefully catching a few Carolina sporting events if I find my way out of the hospital!