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Class of 2021, Gynecologic Oncology Fellowship, UPMC – Magee Women’s Hospital

Meet Dr. Ertel

Where did you grow up?
Ft. Collins, Colorado
Where did you go to medical school?
University of South Carolina- Greenville
What inspired you to be an OBGYN?
I knew that because of the wide variety of emotional, surgical, and medical complexities that you encounter as an OBGYN I would never be bored. The opportunities to develop lasting relationships with patients and their families and…the excitement I get out of large, unknown adnexal masses.
Why did you choose UNC ?
The energy from the faculty, fellows, and residents on interview day was palpable. People couldn’t stop sharing about how wonderful this place was, and it was so genuine. More than that, I knew that in coming to UNC I would leave a highly skilled, well trained, academically savvy OBGYN ready for whatever next steps in my career I wanted to take. The department is strong in every way and has experts in each subspecialty as approachable teachers and mentors. I feel lucky to come to work with such inspiring, supportive and accomplished colleagues.
What you are most excited about during residency?
Forming lasting friendships with my co-residents, challenging myself to become better every day, and becoming the best surgeon possible!

If you would like to connect with Dr. Ertel, please contact our Residency Program Manager,  Ty Fraga.