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Class of 2021, Female Pelvic Medicine & Reconstructive Surgery, Johns Hopkins University

Meet Dr. Edge

Where did you grow up?
I was born in Kentucky, and grew up just across the river in Evansville, Indiana.
Where did you go to medical school?
Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine
What inspired you to be an OBGYN?
I was drawn to OBGYN because of the clinical diversity and by a passion for women’s health. The variety as an OBGYN generalist and the diverse opportunities for subspecialty training excited me, and I was inspired by the impact I witnessed OBGYN’s have on their patients during my medical school rotations.
Why did you choose UNC ?
Like other excellent programs, UNC provides incredibly strong training across the board in obstetrics, maternal fetal medicine, general gynecology and gynecologic subspecialties; however, I was drawn by the welcoming community and positive, uplifting culture that permeates this program, department and institution. I walked out of my interview knowing this program would provide the opportunities and professional support to help me thrive in residency.
What you are most excited about during residency?
Operating! Since beginning residency, I have found that working in the operating room is where I am most fulfilled. I am excited that I have several excellent gynecologic rotations ahead, and am excited to begin training as a Urogynecology fellow next summer following graduation.

If you would like to connect with Dr. Edge, please contact our Residency Program Manager,  Ty Fraga.