Dr. Steiner, a professor of obstetrics and gynecology and expert in reproductive endocrinology, published game-changing research this year on fertility and age.


Dr. Anne Steiner was named to Triangle Business Journal’s list of Health Care Heroes for 2018, an annual list that recognizes the extraordinary accomplishments of physicians, nurses, volunteers and health care administrators in the Triangle and surrounding areas.

The journal will celebrate the winners at a ceremony March 8, 2018, where each winner will learn the category for which they are being honored.

In October 2017, Dr. Steiner published research in the Journal of the American Medical Association that challenged commonly held notions about fertility tests and suggesting that markers of low ovarian reserve do not predict infertility in women of late-reproductive age (30-44).

Blood tests measuring biomarkers of ovarian reserve have been popularly used by physicians as a noninvasive way to measure a woman’s reproductive potential. Dr. Steiner’s study of healthy women ages 30-44 did not reveal a relationship between these markers and an ability to achieve pregnancy – women with indications of low ovarian reserve were just as likely to get pregnant within a year of trying compared with women with a normal value.

Maternal age is still the main concern when it comes to fertility, said Dr. Steiner.

“Age still remains the best predictor of a woman’s reproductive potential,” she said, “Therefore, tests indicating normal or high ovarian reserve should not be used as justification to delay attempts to conceive.”

The research made national and international news for the findings and was written about in numerous media outlets from the New York Times, CNN, Forbes, The Daily Mail and Scientific American.

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