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Overview of Program

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Fellowship in Complex Family Planning started in July 2009. The UNC Family Complex Planning Fellowship provides individualized mentorship and exceptional clinical, educational, and research training. UNC-Chapel Hill is one of the top Universities in the country and thrives on interdisciplinary research and scholarship.The UNC Fellowship in Complex Family Planning received ACGME accreditation in 2021

Clinical Training


  1. Comprehensive academic abortion clinic that includes management of induced and spontaneous abortions for social indications, maternal health, fetal indications. This academic clinic serves as a referral center for physicians and abortion clinics throughout the state of North Carolina. We provide an integrated service with additional expert medical, social, psychological/psychiatric, genetic and Maternal-Fetal-Medicine collaboration when needed/wanted by the patient or the physicians.
  2. Outpatient abortion clinic training throughout both years of the fellowship.

Contraception and Sterilization

  1. Comprehensive academic family planning/contraception clinics that are fellow-run, under supervision/consult by the family planning attending. These are teaching clinics that include a medical student and resident. These clinics serve as a referral center for community and UNC physicians, and state health department clinics for management of complicated contraception such as difficult IUD insertions or removals, implant removals and insertions, other consults, and sterilization counseling and surgery scheduling.

General Gynecology

Complex Family Planning Fellows have full admitting and surgical privileges as as gynecologist.  All Complex Family Planning Fellows fellows take call on Labor and Delivery approximately one weekend per month. Fellows have the opportunity to run their own gynecology service, teach and operate with residents and medical students.


Obstetrics is not included in the Complex Family Planning Fellow activities.


Research Opportunities

There are multiple research opportunities available to the Fellow throughout the UNC-CH campus given the strength of collaboration and multidisciplinary approach to teaching, learning and research at UNC Chapel Hill. Faculty and fellows in family planning at UNC are currently, or have in the past, collaborated with the following entities at UNC:


Mentorship is provided by regular standing meetings with fellowship faculty, and in weekly and monthly group meetings. Additional mentorship is provided for fellows through the other courses they take as part of their didactic training.


Recent Publications

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    • Centering the Patient in Postpartum Contraceptive Counseling
      Birth control has long been considered an essential part of postpartum rounds. Many health care providers believe prevention of pregnancy is a priority in the postpartum period and that the inpatient postpartum stay is an ideal time to discuss contraception. This belief is not necessarily shared by birthing people. Many patients are unready to talk […]
    • Heterogeneity of Tau Deposition and Microvascular Involvement in MCI and AD
      CONCLUSION: Although macrovascular perfusion generally correlated with tau deposition at the whole-cortex level, regional changes in microvascular perfusion were not uniformly associated with either tau pathology or cortical atrophy. This work highlights the heterogeneity of AD-related brain changes and the challenges of implementing therapeutic interventions to improve cerebrovascular function.
    • Comparing Website Identification for Crisis Pregnancy Centers and Abortion Clinics
      CONCLUSIONS: Websites of CPCs were more difficult for women to correctly identify than those of abortion clinics. Women with limited knowledge about abortion and low health literacy may be particularly susceptible to misidentification of CPC websites.
    • Pregnancy Medicaid Improvements in a Nonexpansion State After the Affordable Care Act
      One-half of women in the United States use Medicaid during pregnancy. Women living in states that did not expand Medicaid under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) are at risk of losing coverage post partum. We analyzed Medicaid claims and vital statistics for the state of North Carolina for the period 2011 to […]
    • Cerebrovascular Senescence Is Associated With Tau Pathology in Alzheimer's Disease
      Alzheimer's Disease (AD) is associated with neuropathological changes, including aggregation of tau neurofibrillary tangles (NFTs) and amyloid-beta plaques. Mounting evidence indicates that vascular dysfunction also plays a key role in the pathogenesis and progression of AD, in part through endothelial dysfunction. Based on findings in animal models that tau pathology induces vascular abnormalities and cellular […]
    • Women's knowledge of their state's abortion regulations. A national survey
      CONCLUSIONS: Women had low levels of knowledge about state abortion laws and commonly endorse abortion myths. Women's knowledge of their state's abortion laws was associated with personal views about abortion and their state policy environment.