Dr. Daniel Clarke-Pearson, Robert A. Ross Professor and Chair of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, wrote the following message to our nursing staff to honor them for National Nurses Week.


Happy Nurses Week to a superlative group of providers here at UNC OB-GYN. To say that our department could not care for women without you, your enthusiasm and expertise is an understatement.

As you know, nurses make up the largest part of the healthcare profession. You are incredibly versatile, providing patient care, guiding our learners and engaging in research. You are there to celebrate with our patients when they first hear a heartbeat or complete cancer treatment. You are also with our women and families when they are at their most vulnerable, as you help them through difficult days or problems and conditions that can take time to resolve.

Thank you for providing that continuity of care through pregnancies and deliveries, surgeries, and over the lifetime of a woman’s healthcare. I am so proud to know these women are in your care – and in your hearts, too. That level of commitment is evident to me and to so many others at UNC OB-GYN.

Best wishes for a great week!
Dan Clarke-Pearson