Our presentations from January to March 2014.

Presentations click to enlarge UNC Residents, Fellows & Faculty at 2014 SGO Meeting

Individual Presentations

Catherine Matthews, MD

  • February 2014 | IGUA Regional Symposia, Bogota, Colombia
    • Urogynecologic Assessment: “Office Urogynecology for the Non-Specialist: How to Use POP-Q”
    • Surgery for Pelvic Organ Prolapse: Native Tissues: “Apical Repairs”
    • Uterine Prolapse: “Sacrocolpopexy complications”
  • February 2014 | University of South Florida Grand Rounds, Tampa, FL
    • “Anatomic perineal laceration repair: How to restore the platinum perineum”
  • March 2014 | Laparoscopy, Robotics & New Materials in POP Surgery: Future Challenge, Rome, Italy 
    • “Live Surgery-Robotic Sacrocolpopexy”
    • Sacrocolpopexy: “The Urogynecological View”
    • Sacrocolpopexy-Round Table 1 – Suture vs. Tacker vs. Glue. Provokers: M. Porena, B. O’Reilly; ECM: A Cestari, B. Deval, R. Gaston, C. Matthews.
    • Costs and Educational Programs: “The Urogynecological American Training Program”
    • Proposed Guidelines for SCP: Coordinators: L. Brubaker, C. Maher, M. Cervigni, E. Costantini, B. Deval, A. Ercoli, R. Gaston, C. Matthews, B. O’Reilly, M. Porena, D. Rizk. 

Kara A. McElligott, MD, MPH

  • March 27, 2014 | New Investigator's Symposium, Society for Gynecological Investigation, Florence, Italy | "Mobile Technology in Women's Health Research" 

Jeffrey Wilkinson, MD

  • March 26, 2014 | Texas Children's International Symposium, Houston, TX | “Obstetric Fistula”

Group Presentations

Association of Professors of Gynecology and Obstetrics Faculty Development Seminar | January 11-14, 2014 | Manalapan, FL

  • Presentation | Chuang A, Beckham J.
    Building Lifelong Skills: Helping Students Advance to Ob-Gyn Residency
  • Presentation | Nuthalapaty FS, Chuang A.
    Techno Bling 2: Technologies to Take Your Educational Program to the Next Level

34th Annual Meeting of the Society for Maternal-Fetal Medicine | February 3-8, 2014 | New Orleans, LA


  • Kim Boggess  | Scientific Forum – Diabetes Leader and Moderator: Hot Topic Debate: Oral Agents vs Insulin for GDM Treatment
  • David Stamilio | Toxicology and substance abuse in pregnancy Leader
  • Nancy Chescheir | Scientific Forum – Maternal-Fetal Surgery Leader    
  • Kate Menard | Moderate Oral Plenary Session I
  • Neeta Vora |  Chaired Genetics Breakfast meeting 
  • Alison Stuebe | Effect of lactation on maternal postpartum cardio  metabolic status – a murine mode

Poster Presentations:

  • Carmen Beamon, Robert Strauss | Predicting neonatal respiratory morbidity using lamellar body counts and gestational age
  • Carmen Beamon, Alison Stuebe, Robert Strauss | Effect of mode of regional anesthesia on neonatal outcomes in preeclamptic patients
  • Kim Boggess  | Glycated hemoglobin is associated with sex hormone binding globulin below the 25th percentile in early pregnancy
  • Bill Goodnight | Maternal medical conditions and fetal demise
  • Emily Hardisty, Sam Wiegand, Neeta Vora |  Attitudes and knowledge of Maternal Fetal Medicine fellows regarding noninvasive prenatal testing (NIPT)
  • Alison Stuebe | Maternal antibiotic exposure, diet and milk micro biome diversity
  • Sam Wiegand, Elizabeth Stringer, Alison Stuebe, and John Thorp | Buprenorphine/naloxone (B/N) and methadone (M) maintenance during pregnancy:  a chart review and comparison of maternal and neonatal outcomes

CREOG & APGO Annual Meeting | February 26-March 1, 2014 | Atlanta, GA


  • Presentations | Connolly, AM
    • "From Conception to Delivery" Getting Your Educational Research Idea to Publication
    • "Case-based Curr. in the OB-GYN Resident Continuity Clinic": One-year Learning Environment Impact
    • "A competency-Based approach to continuous quality improvement in the resident continuity clinic"
    • "Effective Mentorship: What works, what doesn't and what the literature supports"
    • "Methodology of Self-Assessment of Resident Continuity Clinic."
  • Presentation | Dalrymple JL, Cullimore AJ, Chuang A.
    Professional Identity Formation: Shaping Our Future Doctors in Today’s Medical Education Environment
  • Presentation | Hampton BS, Forstein DA, Chuang A, Dugoff L.
    From Conception to Delivery: Getting Your Educational Research Idea to Publication
  • Presentation | Nuthalapaty F, Chuang A.
    Flip the Classroom: Using Technology to Humanize Teacher-Learner Interaction

45th Annual Meeting of the Society of Gynecologic Oncology | March 22-25, 2014 | Tampa, Florida 

  • Featured Poster Presentation | Bae-Jump V, Chen T, Makowski L.
    Differential gene expression was associated with increasing body mass index (BMI) among endometrial cancers from The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA) Project 
  • Poster Presentation | Baker W, Pierce SR, Pelokofski E, Gehrig PA, Duska L.
    Levonorgestrel intrauterine system treatment of complex atypical hyperplasia and grade 1 endometrial cancer in postmenopausal women
  • Poster Presentation | Casey J, Jackson A, Stine JE, Moore DT, Snavely A, Roque D, Wysham W, Van Le L, Gehrig PA, Kim KH.
    The influence of obesity upon the survival of cervical cancer patients undergoing non-surgical therapy
  • Featured Poster Presentation | Clark L, Jackson A, Bae-Jump V, Gehrig P, Van Le L, Ko E.
    Do elderly women with endometrial cancer qualify for existing clinical trials 
  • Featured Poster Presentation | Clark L, Jackson A, Bae-Jump V, Gehrig P, Van Le L, Ko E.
    Gaps in Adjuvant Treatment in Elderly Endometrial Cancer Patients
  • Oral Presentation | Dickson EL, Vogel RI, Gehrig PA, Pierce S, Havrilesky LJ, Secord AA, Dottino J, Nickles Fader A, Ricci S, Geller MA.
    Multimodal therapy improves progression free survival in patients with uterine carcinosarcoma: a multi institutional study
  • Oral Presentation | Doll KM, Snavely AC, Kalinowski A, Irwin DE, Bensen JT, Bae-Jump V, Boggess J, Soper JT, Brewster W, Gehrig PA.
    Preoperative quality of life in gynecologic oncology patients: A new predictor of operative risk?  
  • Featured Poster Presentation | Doll KM, Snavely AC, Kalinowski A, Irwin DE, Bensen JT, Bae-Jump V, Kim KH, Van Le L, Clarke-Pearson D, Gehrig PA.
    Obesity associated with worse quality of life in women with gynecologic malignancies: An opportunity for improving patient centered outcomes 
  • Poster Presentation | Jackson A, Kilgore J, Qiu H, Zhou C, Gehrig P, Bae-Jump V.
    Biguanides inhibit proliferation and decrease estrogen receptor expression in ovarian granulosa cell tumors 
  • Poster Presentation | Jackson A, Orrey D, Casey J, White B, Moore DT, Snavely A, Roque D, Wysham W, Stine J, Kim KH.
    The influence of obesity upon the survival of cervical cancer patients
  • Featured Poster Presentation | Jackson A, Zhong Y, Zhou C, Kilgore J, Makowski  L, Gehrig P, Bae-Jump V.
    Metformin had increased efficacy under obese conditions in a novel genetically engineered mouse model of serous ovarian cancer
  • Oral Presentation | Ko E, Stürmer T, Hong J, Castillo W, Bae-Jump V, Jonsson Funk M.
    Metformin and the risk of endometrial cancer: A population-based cohort study
  • Poster Presentation | Ko E, Walter P4, Clark L, Jackson A, Bolac C, Havrilesky L, Alvarez Secord A, Moore D, Gehrig P, Bae-Jump V.
    Redefining the role of obesity, race and diabetes in Type I and Type II endometrial cancers: Potential targets for treatment beyond cancer itself
  • Featured Poster Presentation | Pierce S, Doll KM, Davidson B, Lee C, Ko E, Havrilesky LJ, Secord AA, Snavely A, Gehrig PA, Bae-Jump.
    Endometrial cancer outcomes in diabetic women treated with metformin, statins and aspirin   
  • Poster Presentation | Pierce S, Stine JE, Gehrig PA, Nakayama J, Havrilesky LJ, Secord AA, Moore DR, Kim KH.
    Recurrence and survival in patients with uterine papillary serous carcinoma: Does prior breast cancer and tamoxifen exposure influence outcomes?
  • Oral Presentation | Rossi E, Jackson A, Ivanova A, Boggess J.
    The sensitivity of sentinel lymph nodes identified with robotic fluorescence imaging for detecting metastatic endometrial cancer: interim results from the FIRES trial
  • Oral Presentation | Schuler K, Rambally B, DiFurio M, Sampey S, Gehrig P, Makowski L, Bae-Jump V.
    Biologic and metabolic effects of metformin in a pre-operative window clinical trial for endometrial cancer
  • Poster Presentation | Stine JE, Doll KM, Moore DT, Van Le L, Ko E, Soper JT, Clarke-Pearson D, Bae-Jump V, Gehrig PA, Kim KH.
    The Prevalence and Impact of Invasive Procedures Towards the End of Life on Patients Referred to Hospice Care
  • Poster Presentation | Stine JE, Schointuch M, Zhou C, Gilliam T, Han X, Gehrig PA, Bae-Jump V.
    Simvastatin, an HMG-CoA reductase inhibitor, exhibits anti-metastatic and anti-tumorigenic effects in endometrial cancer 
  • Poster Presentation | Stine JE, Schointuch M, Zhou C, Gilliam T, Han X, Gehrig PA, Bae-Jump V.
    The HMG-CoA reductase inhibitor, simvastatin, exhibits anti-tumorigenic and anti-metastatic effects in ovarian cancer in vitro
  • Poster Presentation | Sullivan SA, Stine JE, Doll KM, Bae-Jump V, Van Le L, Soper JT, Gehrig PA, Kim KH.
    Location of hospice referral and its impact on ED visits


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