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Cox is the first medical director of UNC OB-GYN’s postpartum unit, also known as 5 Women’s.


Jenny Cox, MSN, CNM, a longtime faculty at UNC Midwives was recently appointed the Medical Director of the postpartum unit of N.C. Women’s Hospital’s Maternity Care Center, also known as 5 Women’s.

As Medical Director, Cox will work together with the existing obstetrics team to ensure delivery of outstanding care for the postpartum unit. She will work to improve clinical services in ways that benefit patients, enhance performance on the unit and, whenever possible, help physicians and staff.

“Excellent care for mothers and their children is at the heart of what we do here at N.C. Women’s Hospital,” said Cox. “I look forward to helping the services on labor and delivery and the postpartum unit align in ways that will strengthen what we know our teams already do so well.”