UNC OB-GYN Clinic Notes is a podcast that engages our UNC OB-GYN faculty on important topics and trends for those interested in or training in the field of obstetrics and gynecology. We’ll do four episodes this year, each concentrating on topics that will be of help to residents and students as they prepare for their careers in women’s health.

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Episode 5. Endometrial Cancer


Endometrial cancer is the most common gynecolgoic cancer, with around 42,000 new cases each year and nearly 8,000 deaths. Dr. Stuart Pierce, a 2nd-year gynecologic oncology fellow at UNC OB-GYN, joins Dr. Alison Staley to discuss how to identify the different types of endometrial cancer and how to treat this disease.

Length | 17:37

Episode 4. Abnormal Uterine Bleeding


Dr. Jenna Beckham has just completed her resident at UNC OB-GYN and will continue her career at WakeMed in Raleigh, N.C. This three-part series on abnormal uterine bleeding will cover (1) the best way to effectively define uterine bleeding; (2) how to obtain a through and focused gynecologic history and perform exams for the patient with abnormal uterine bleeding; and (3) detailed case studies to illustrate this important topic.

Part one of three | Length: 5 min

Part two of three | Length: 6 min

Part three of three | Length: 11 min

Episode 3. Urinary Incontinence


Dr. Marcella Willis-Gray is a second-year fellow in Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery at UNC OB-GYN.

Urinary incontinence is a common condition affecting 15 to 17% of women and a significant health issue, costing around $3 billion a year. It is a prevalent condition, but many women are still hesitant to seek care. For this reason, it is important that physicans learn to properly screen patients for symptoms.

Length: 8 min

Episode 2. Pelvic Pain Series

Dr. Janelle Moulder, left, talks to Dr. Allison Staley about what providers should know with regards to pelvic pain.

In this four-part series on pelvic pain, Dr. Allison Staley, a chief resident in OB-GYN, interviews Dr. Janelle Moulder, assistant professor in the Division of Minimally Invasive Gynecologic Surgery at UNC OB-GYN. Dr. Moulder’s expertise in pelvic surgery and pain takes this podcast from the definition of pelvic pain, to examination and treatment, and through case studies.

Recorded September 23, 2016 | Listen now:

Part One: Defining Chronic Pelvic Pain | Length: 6 min

Part Two: Taking a Pelvic Pain History | Length: 6 min

Part Three: How to Perform a Pelvic Pain Exam | Length: 8 min

Part Four: Assessment and Treatment of Pelvic Pain: A Case-Based Review | Length: 16 min

Episode 1. The Preconception Visit


Dr. Alison Staley, a chief resident in OB-GYN, talks with Dr. Alice Chuang, an associate professor of obstetrics and gynecology at UNC, about why OB-GYNs should have preconception visits with their patients. What questions should be asked, and what labs should be taken? Why is this important to women’s health?

Recorded July 20, 2016 | Length: 9:54