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Anna Leone, MD, Current Global Health Scholar, 2022-2024

My interest in OB/GYN and women’s health was born (an OB/GYN pun for you) out of my high school senior research project looking at the effects of machismo culture on women’s healthcare specifically in
the highlands of Ecuador. After traveling to the area (outside of Otavalo) to interview local women, nurses, and government officials, I knew that global health would continue to be a lifelong passion. My partner was the one to find the Global Health Scholars Program at UNC and point it out to me along the
interview trail, which became an important component in my rank list for residency programs. Through this scholarship, I am being supported in my research with Dr. Benjamin Chi evaluating the feasibility of and barriers to male-partner HIV self-testing in Zambia and its effects on the prevention of mother-to-child HIV transmission using family-centered care models. The scholarship not only funds my travel to the research site in Zambia, but also allows me to take courses to expand my biostatistical skill set to be able to interpret my own raw data. Finally, it’ll help cover my conference and travel fees to present my findings at an appropriate conference with my peers.