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Gastroschisis (pronounced gas-tro-‘ski-zis) means a hole in the abdominal wall of the fetus. Through this opening, loops of bowel (and sometimes stomach, liver and other organs) protrude outside the abdomen. The term only applies when hole is to the side of the umbilical cord (belly button); when the hole is in the belly button, the condition is called omphalocele. Although both conditions appear the same, each condition has its own features. To learn more about omphalocele, click here. Both forms of abdominal wall defects can be detected by ultrasound from the third month of pregnancy on (14 to 15 weeks). As the pregnancy progresses, diagnosis becomes more accurate: it becomes easier to tell gastroschisis and omphalocele apart. (Source:


Dr. Kimberly Erikson talks about treatment options for Gastroschisis

Dr. Sean McLean talks about treatment options for Omphalocele

How is it diagnosed?

Lynne Farber talks about what to expect before surgery.

Amy Lamm talks about what to expect before surgery.