Learn more about preterm birth, why it happens, it’s influence on future pregnancies, and what it means for you.


When you are seen at the UNC Prematurity Prevention Clinic, you can expect:

  1. A comprehensive review of your medical records, including information about your other pregnancies and deliveries
  2. A careful physical exam
  3. Laboratory and/or ultrasound evaluation if needed

We will work with you to develop a specific plan to increase the chance of a full-term delivery

We will provide you with:

  1. A personalized preterm birth risk assessment, to give you information about the chance you will deliver preterm in your current (or future) pregnancy/pregnancies
  2. Recommendations about specific things to do which may reduce the chance that you will deliver preterm
  3. A plan for return visits

Prematurity Prevention Clinic • 101 Manning Drive • Chapel Hill, NC 27514