Dear CenteringPregnancy Participants,
Due to concern for the spread of COVID-19, we are suspending our Centering Pregnancy program for the next two weeks at least. Centering patients will be asked to make one-on-one appointments. Please contact the clinic with any questions. Visit the UNC Health site for COVID-19 updates.

Welcome, moms-to-be! CenteringPregnancy® group prenatal care is one of the methods of prenatal care offered at UNC OB-GYN, specifically through the UNC Midwives practice. We started this program in 2015, and we’ve seen great growth and success as more women choose this way to receive their prenatal care.

At UNC OB-GYN, we love happy moms and healthy babies! The CenteringPregnancy® model has proven to provide both, with 100% of our patients surveyed reporting satisfaction with their care and only 3% born before 37 weeks of gestation.

Shannon Maaske’s February 2018 Centering group as they all turned 1 year old! From left to right, top to bottom: Frances & Avyaan, Laura & Eloise, Jessie & Grant, Lauren & Milo, Cari & Charlie, Ashley & Denver, Carly & Piper, Rachel & Vivienne

In the CenteringPregnancy® model, pregnant women are grouped by due date and receive care together throughout their pregnancies. Patients have individual assessments such as weight, blood pressure and routine labs as they would at a one-on-one prenatal visit. After, they spend the rest of the meeting reviewing a wide variety of educational content including information on breastfeeding, labor preparation, parenting, stress reduction, nutrition and more. Women learn from one another’s questions and experiences and friendships develop that last well beyond pregnancy.


In January 2017, our program received official site approval from the Centering® Healthcare Institute, which means our practice adheres to the Centering® model and is on the track for longtime sustainability.

If you’re pregnant or planning a pregnancy and interested in this model of care, email us at

Meg Berreth meeting a Centering graduate's new babySincerely,

Meg Berreth, MSN, CNM
UNC Midwives
CenteringPregnancy® leader at UNC OB-GYN