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Centering participants learn about dilation and effacement with a balloon activity.

“My husband and I really enjoyed getting our care this way. We felt like we were part of something and made friends and had more support because of the structure of the group. We enjoyed hearing others’ questions and thoughts. We felt like we learned a lot more than we would have through traditional care.”

“It makes you feel part of something bigger and that your experiences are both normal and special.”

“There is so much focus on education and prenatal care, I felt very prepared for baby and the birth.”

“It was nice to know things I was going through were shared by others; and to receive positive emotional support.”

“The experience is a lot more informative and personal than regular appointments.”

“The support you gain from the group setting is very reassuring and a great way to learn more about the things no one tells you about what to expect.”

“CenteringPregnancy prepared me more for my labor and newborn than traditional OB visits would have.”