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Our goal is to create well-rounded academic leaders in minimally invasive gynecologic surgery. As a result, we have designed a unique research experience that provides comprehensive exposure and support to the paths of an academic career. Fellows will have weekly protected research time to complete their endeavors.

The first 6 months of training is focused on building research methodology and design skills. Fellows will complete the department sponsored fellow statistical curriculum and a select national research training course. Other fundamental topics critical to career development will be reviewed including constructing a Curriculum Vitae, introduction to QI, and teaching as medical educators.

After the first 6 months of training, fellows will choose an “area of excellence” or track in:

  • Education
  • Clinical Research
  • Clinical Leadership

Each Track is designed to promote achievement of specific milestones to prepare fellows to launch an academic career. Each track has a list of objectives including:

  • Supplemental education (readings, training programs, certificates)
  • Scholarly activity (peer- reviewed publications, grants, scientific meeting presentations)
  • Leadership activity (committee participation, program innovation, lectures)
  • Formal evaluation by team members (research team, residents/students, clinical community members)
  • Faculty mentor with complementary expertise

Of note, fellows can focus on one track and stall participate in parts of the other tracks. Ultimately fellows are expected to complete one independent research project with assistance and support from the faculty, though many complete several projects during their training. These projects should result in a presentation at a national meeting and at least one publication in a peer-reviewed journal.