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Come and visit us in the Chair’s Office (3009 Old Clinic Building) and see the UNC Horizon’s Giving Tree.


WHAT:The Giving Tree is an opportunity for members of the community to make an extraordinary impact on the lives of mothers and their children this holiday season. The clients and children of UNC Horizons have made their own ornaments to decorate the branches of this special tree. Each ornament has a ‘wish list’ attached that describes the gender, age and general wants or needs of the individual. Those who wish to select an ornament from the tree will use this wish list as a guide for purchasing a much needed, much appreciated gift for donation. The tag should be adhered to the wrapped gift so we can identify who should receive it. The ornament is yours to keep as a small way of saying, ‘Thank you’ for your generosity.

WHERE: After you have purchased and wrapped your donation, please place the gift back under the tree. To ensure the safe keeping of each gift, faculty and staff will monitor donations and UNC Horizons will collect items as needed.

WHEN: All gifts purchased for donation must be placed under the tree no later than December 19, 2013. UNC Horizons will make the final collection on Friday, December 20th. These gifts will be distributed to clients and children during a very special holiday party the following week.

WHO: Should you have any questions or comments, please contact Rachel Middlesteadt Ellerson at: or call 919-618-5410