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Addressing barriers to contraception will improve women’s health, said lead author and UNC Family Planning Fellow Dr. Jamie Krashin.


Dr. Jamie Krashin, a fellow in the UNC Division of Family Planning, was lead author on a study published in Obstetrics and Gynecology that showed women with insurance coverage for contraception are more likely to get the most effective birth control methods after an abortion.

Dr. Gretchen Stuart, division chief for UNC Family Planning, as well as Dr. Amy Bryant, assistant professor at UNC Family Planning, and Dr. Jessica Morse, assistant professor for UNC Family Planning, were co-authors on the study, along with UNC OB-GYN Professor Dr. Joanne Garrett.

“When women get these methods immediately after an abortion, it helps them avoid unintended pregnancies and abortions,” said Dr. Krashin. “There are lots of barriers to women having and using insurance coverage for contraception when they seek abortion care. Addressing these barriers would therefore improve women’s health.”