Katherine Tucker, Allison Staley, Ying Zhang and David Myson at the MACOS meeting.

A group from UNC OB-GYN’s Division of Gynecologic Oncology received a number of awards at the recent Annual Mid-Atlantic Gynecologic Oncology Society (MAGOS) meeting October 25-27, 2018 that was held in Columbus, OH.

  • Allison Staley, a second-year fellow in the division, won Best Fellow Oral Presentation for her presentation, “PD-1 inhibitor treatment impacts both immune and metabolic pathways in obesity-driven endometrial cancer.”
  • Katherine Tucker, a second-year fellow in the division, won Best Fellow Poster Presentation for her poster “ONC201 has anti-tumorigenic effects in obesity-driven endometrial cancer.”
  • David Mysona, a first-year resident at UNC OB-GYN, delivered two oral presentations – “Clinical Calculator predictive of chemotherapy benefit in early stage uterine papillary serous cancers” and “A Combined Score of Clinical Factors and Serum Proteins Can Predict Time to Recurrence in High Grade Serous Ovarian Cancer.”
  • Abbey Pfister, a student in the UNC School of Medicine, delivered her oral presentation, “The Effect of Insurance Status on Surgical Outcomes in Gynecologic Cancer Patients.”
  • Ying Zhang, a student in the UNC School of Medicine and a research assistant in the division, won Best Medical Student Poster Presentation for his poster “Increasing BMI is associated with Tumor Volume and Uterine Weight in Endometrial Cancer.”

Dr. Victoria Bae-Jump, professor of gynecologic oncology, traveled with the group. Drs. Tucker and Staley, as well as Ying Zhang, presented work from her laboratory.

“I am so proud of all who presented and represented UNC Gynecologic Oncology so well, from all levels of training – our medical students, our OB-GYN residents to our gynecologic oncology fellows,” she said. “Allison, Kat, David, Abbey and Ying should all be congratulated for their dedication to research and their hard work in getting these projects to the finish lines!”