Horizons Kitchen is helping clients learn skills and how to market them.


A UNC Horizons volunteer is helping Horizons’ clients on an entrepreneurial adventure that not only teaches them new skills, but also what to do with those skills once they’ve earned them.

Horizons Kitchen is a micro-social enterprise that teaches nutrition, cooking skills and business fundamentals to clients at UNC Horizons. Advisory Circle member Ashley Wilson is helping the women lead the charge.

“We developed healthy, delicious recipes using whole wheat flour, coconut oil and Greek yogurt for Banana Walnut Streusel and Granny Smith Apple muffins, which we bake and sell at The Looking Glass Cafe on Tuesday afternoons,” said Wilson. “The process is a fun, creative way to develop job training skills while promoting healthfulness, positive parenting and self esteem.”

A dedicated volunteer, Wilson was earlier this year awarded The John and Joe Carol Thorp Big Heart Award for the exemplary service she’s given to the organization.

Stop by The Looking Glass Café to purchase the muffins and support UNC Horizons.