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UNC Horizons is the subject of a video and story from UNC-Chapel Hill’s Office of Communications and Public Affairs.

UNC Horizons graduate Andrea McSwain and her son Cassidy

Produced by Melanie Busbee at UNC’s Office of Communications and Public Affairs

“We see people get well. That mom: she’s going to graduate sober and able to go to work.” – Dr. John Thorp, UNC Horizons founder.

UNC-Chapel Hill’s homepage is showcasing a new video on UNC Horizons, which features Drs. Hendree Jones, John Thorp, Elisabeth Johnson and two of the program’s success stories.

“Women who are using drugs and they find out they are pregnant, many of them want to stop, but they find that the addiction is overpowering,” said Dr. Hendree Jones, executive director at UNC Horizons and professor at UNC OB-GYN. “For women who are in active and untreated addition, the risks for them are high, and that’s where Horizons comes in.”

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