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Seven outstanding employees received the honor.


Congratulations to the following members of the UNC OB-GYN team for their recent Star Heels honors! The Star Heels annual awards program allows UNC departments to recognize and reward excellent employees. Each employee receives a certificate as well as a Visa gift card.

Names of the recipients are accompanied by division and comments from those who nominated them:

Kia Barbee
UNC OB-GYN Administration

‘Kia is a customer-service superstar! She is an awesome ambassador for the OB-GYN Admin team.’

Abby Fisher
UNC OB-GYN Administration

‘Abby volunteered to help out one of our divisions when their manager went out on FML by organizing and executing two fellowship interview days (a huge undertaking.)’

Tammy Frazier
Gynecologic Oncology

‘Tammy is always very professional and has a smile for those she meets.’

Teresa Mosser
Maternal-Fetal Medicine

‘She took on a leadership role in absence of a division manager and carried the load with a smile. She was very effective in keeping the morale up for the entire staff.’

Deborah Privette
Minimally Invasive Gynecologic Surgery

‘She is so measured, polite, bright and energetic, with an excellent work ethic and good time-management skills.’

Tiffany Roberts
Gynecologic Oncology

‘She is willing to do whatever it takes to support our faculty, staff and patients. Tiffany genuinely cares about our division.’

Eric Wallen
UNC OB-GYN Administration

‘Eric has been covering duties for TWO employees who have been out on extended leave with amazing efficiency and aplomb.’