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UNC OB-GYN honored staff with Superstar Awards and the Staff Excellence Award at its annual holiday party Dec. 12, 2018 at the Carolina Club.

Dr. Daniel Clarke-Pearson awards the 2018 Staff Excellence Award to Linda Holst.
Dr. John Thorp (right) and Dr. George Nowacek (left) reprise their roles as Santa and Elf.

Each year the department recognizes employees who are outstanding, committed, dedicated, dependable, have a positive and supportive attitude, and consistently exceed requirements and go beyond the usual expectation of their job requirements.

The winner of the 2018 Staff Excellence Award is Linda Holst from the Division of General Obstetrics and Gynecology. Nominations describe Holst as

“… personifies the excellence, teamwork, and “can do” attitude of our department.”

“… consistently promotes and facilitates our patient care, education, and research missions.”

“… is pleasant, thoughtful, and always goes the extra mile.”

“… extends a warm UNC OB-GYN welcome to everyone.”

“… personally takes responsibility and makes it look effortless.”

“… is an amazing asset to our division and department.”

She will receive a certificate of recognition, two days of leave with pay, and a $200 monetary award.

This year’s Superstar Awards, which also come with certificates of recognition, were awarded to:

Ashley Bolton, Maternal-Fetal Medicine (and now Urogynecology)
Selden Holt, UNC Horizons
Jill Hunter, UNC Horizons
Condra Jones, UNC Horizons
Lyla Kolman, UNC Horizons
Elizabeth Monk, Maternal-Fetal Medicine
Erin Moritz, UNC Horizons
Jock Morris, UNC Horizons
Deborah Privette, MIGS
Crystal Royal, UNC Horizons
Linda Soeurt, Administration
Cheryl Thomas, Maternal-Fetal Medicine
Gail Thomas, UNC Horizons
Raven West, Gynecologic Oncology

Congratulations to these amazing staff, without whom the UNC Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology could not offer such excellent care.