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The center will treat women and girls with bleeding disorders.

Dr. Jennifer Howell and Amanda O’Briant, CNM

Two providers from UNC OB-GYN are partnering with others at the UNC School of Medicine to open the Harold R. Roberts Hemophilia Treatment Center at UNC.

Dr. Jennifer Howell and Amanda O’Briant, MSN, CNM, will be providing gynecologic care at this multidisciplinary hematology and gynecology clinic for women and girls with blood disorders.

Women and girls with heavy menstrual bleeding have unique health needs that cross disciplines. The clinic is a place where patients can have their medical and gynecological needs met in a comprehensive fashion at a single visit.

Other providers include Dr. Yasmina Abajas from pediatric hematology, Dr. Alice Ma from adult hematology and Amanda Gilmore, BSN, a nurse educator.

Comprehensive services include screening, evaluation, education, counseling and treatment for women and girls with blood disorders. The clinic will treat disorders of heavy menstrual bleeding, known or suspicious bleeding and thrombophilia disorders and iron-deficiency anemia.

The clinic is offered on the second Thursday morning of each month from 8 a.m. to noon at Carolina Pointe II on Farrington Road in Chapel Hill.