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The site lists experts for the media, the newest information on the virus and offers links to trusted sources.

Zika molecule By David Goodwill (RCSB Molecule of the Month 197, June 2016) [CC BY 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

As the Zika virus becomes a growing concern across the world, we know the concern is greatest for a particular group: women who are, or are thinking of becoming, pregnant.

UNC OB-GYN today launched a website to serve as a repository for the latest information about the virus. Updates from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention feed to the site as they are published, and we’ll sometimes have our providers lend their expertise to that news.

We’ll also continue to update the newest research and patient-care initiatives coming from our faculty at UNC OB-GYN and from other departments at UNC, as well as the Center for Maternal and Infant Health.

Click here to visit and bookmark the page, which lives in the top navigation bar of the UNC OB-GYN homepage.