Meet the newest cohort of trainees at UNC OB-GYN.


Our incoming class of UNC OB-GYN residents come from as close as Carolina and as far as Washington state.

Get to know this new class, who will be with us at UNC OB-GYN through the year 2020. To better introduce them to their new home, we asked where they come from, why they want to be at Carolina and what inspired them to enter this field of medicine.

Welcome, residents!



Where are you coming from? University of Mississippi Medical Center, Jackson, MS.

What inspired you to be an OB-GYN? I was inspired by the role an OB-GYN plays in the dynamics of a family. We get to follow patients throughout all stages of their lives, and we sometimes get to deliver their babies. In addition, OB-GYN has a lot to offer as a specialty. The variety of procedures and the continuity of care are unique. OB-GYNs go from being primary care physicians to surgeons on the same day.

Why did you choose Carolina? N.C. is such a beautiful place. Chapel Hill is ideally located between the mountains and beaches. It is a rustic place with a hip atmosphere. I get to experience all seasons and snowy winters are short. And, let’s not forget about the variety of delicious food this place has to offer. Most importantly, I chose N.C. for UNC. Besides the amazing training and experience the program offers, I was drawn mainly to the camaraderie among the residents and the faculty’s support that unmistakably pervades the program. During my interview visit, they presented themselves as a family and they are truly my family now. I could have not asked for a better place to call home.

What you are most excited about this year? To finally get to take care of my own patients and deliver babies. I also look forward to getting to know my colleagues and to explore the mountains and beaches of N.C.



Where are you coming from? Tulane University (New Orleans, LA)

What inspired you to be an OB-GYN? There is no comparison to the relationship an OB-GYN has with her patients. It’s simply the greatest! You get a chance to be involved in multiple stages of a woman’s life, talk about some of the most sensitive and empowering health issues, and build a phenomenal rapport throughout. And . . . you get to do surgery! How cool is that?

Why did you choose Carolina? The nicest, most unpretentious, yet accomplished OB-GYNs who happen to be all in the same institution.

What you are most excited about this year? Nerding out daily about OB-GYN and doing patient care! I’m so excited to see our patients, to learn from my fellow house staff AND hospital/clinic staff, and to see some of the amazing things our attendings do. I feel so lucky to be here, in such lovely and humbling company.



Where are you coming from? I was originally born in Salt Lake City, Utah, then started medical school in San Francisco and transferred to the University of Florida for my last couple years.

What inspired you to be an OB-GYN? The fast-paced energy, hands-on/surgical aspects, and opportunities to advocate for women.

Why did you choose Carolina? I was impressed by the caliber of residents who seem to be supported by faculty and by one another and who genuinely appeared happy.

What you are most excited about this year? To push my boundaries academically and to get to know my fellow residents 🙂



Where are you coming from? Seattle, WA

What inspired you to be an OB-GYN? How rewarding it is to take are of patients from adolescence to motherhood to grand-motherhood, to be a part of important conversations with women that allow them to live lives they have envisioned for themselves and their families, to have the opportunities to use my hands in a variety of settings from the operating room, to clinical procedures to the L&D suit, to be able to advocate for women’s health.

Why did you choose Carolina? The supportive culture at UNC and superb training opportunity

What you are most excited about this year? Working with my co-residents, developing and strengthening clinical and surgical skills.



Where are you coming from? I am from Maryland originally, but I am coming from the University of Virginia School of Medicine.

What inspired you to be an OB-GYN? I was turned onto OB-GYN by a mentor who recognized that I am surgically minded and hands-on, yet I love to know the story of my patients. She thought that I would find the best combination of these two in OB/GYN. She was spot on. I also love that I have the opportunity to work with women, in all stages of life, through the whole spectrum of life experiences: the good, the bad, and the ugly. All it took to convince me was my first delivery experience, where through the chaos of delivering an apparently lifeless baby, the obstetrician brought a calm to the storm and eased the racing minds of the first-time parents. At that point I knew I would become an OB/GYN. (P.S. The baby eventually did well.)

Why did you choose Carolina? I wanted to come to Carolina because of the wonderful people here and the positive, fun, family culture of the program. The residents are talented and incredibly kind, fun-loving, and passionate. I knew I would get excellent training and have the opportunity to work with faculty who are passionate about the care of their patients and the development/training of the residents. As an added bonus, as a graduate of UNC for undergrad, I was extremely excited to come back down to the southern slice of heaven! I absolutely bleed Carolina blue!

What you are most excited about this year? Surviving for the most part! But learning as much as possible and getting to know all of the amazing people here! And hopefully catching a few Carolina sporting events if I find my way out of the hospital!



Where are you coming from? I am a suburban Chicago native but a proud Tar Heel for the last 8 years. I completed both undergrad and med school at UNC.

What inspired you to be an OB-GYN? I volunteered with a Centering Pregnancy prenatal care group in Asheville, North Carolina, during my third year of medical school. Working with a very diverse group pregnant women longitudinally for 6 months, learning alongside of them, and ultimately being a part of their deliveries was amazing and solidified my desire to be an OB-GYN.

Why did you choose Carolina? I ultimately want to serve in a rural part of North Carolina and, after my phenomenal experience at UNC during my 4th year acting internship, felt that training here would prepare me exceptionally for my future career.

What you are most excited about this year? I am so excited to get to know my colleagues and learn how I can fit into the awesome UNC family so I can be a great addition to the program. (and the late-night cookie delivery place on Franklin St . . . and the 24 hour Starbucks in the hospital . . .)



Where are you coming from? I grew up in Saline, Michigan, which is just outside of Ann Arbor. I’m a proud graduate of the University of Michigan for both my undergraduate studies and medical school.

What inspired you to be an OB-GYN? So many of the OB-GYN faculty I worked with share my passion for social justice. They represent the kind of physician I aspire to be, one who provides excellent care at the individual level but also engages at larger scales to lead change in women’s health. OB/GYN offers endless opportunities in research, global health, education, and advocacy which drew me to the field.

Why did you choose Carolina? The people and the culture. I still remember being in awe at the introductory meeting of the interview day. At 7 a.m. on a Saturday morning, every resident was present and dozens of faculty–even those who weren’t interviewing–came to share why they loved working at UNC. The energy in that room was palpable, and I wanted to be a part of that camaraderie.

What you are most excited about this year? The awesome privilege and responsibility in caring for patients; spending time with my new UNC family; and introducing biscuits as a staple of my diet.