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The two posts showcased a patient who sought out UNC after a traumatic birth and UNC Midwife Jenny Cox, who helped the patient reach her goals.

Cynthia Abell-Brown and son Winchester.

Cynthia Abell-Brown’s traumatic experience during the delivery of her first child led her to seek a different kind of care during her second pregnancy. At UNC OB-GYN, she found the UNC Midwives. Having been told her pelvis was too small to vaginally deliver a child, Abell-Brown liked that the midwives were open to trying a VBAC – and committed to her health and the baby’s health, no matter what. Not only did Jenny Cox help Abell-Brown through a successful VBAC, the team’s approach to her care also helped her heal.

In these two blog posts for WRAL’s ‘Go Ask Mom’ series, reporter Sarah Hall uses this remarkable story to highlight midwifery care for National Midwifery Week.

National Midwifery Week: ‘A Tale of Two Deliveries’

A Q&A with Cynthia Abell-Brown

A Q &A with UNC Midwife Jenny Cox