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EBS Shortcode

Office of Graduate Education

Name Title Location Phone
Donita Robinson, PhD (she/her/hers) Associate Dean for Graduate Education 919-966-5679
Scott Williams, PhD (he/him/his) Assistant Dean for Graduate Education 605A Brinkhous-Bullitt 919-962-8961
Rob Nicholas, PhD Faculty Director of BBSP Admissions 4046 Genetic Medicine 919-843-9342
Stephanie Gupton, PhD (she/her) Faculty Director of Graduate and Training Programs
Lisa Tarantino, PhD Faculty Director of BBSP First Year Groups 919-843-7292
Kaitlin Blakemore (she/her/hers) Student Services Manager 1116B Bioinformatics 919-843-9617
Patrick Brandt, PhD (he/him) Director, Career Development & Training
Director, Science Outreach
1126 Bioinformatics 919-843-9342
Morgan Church Administrative Assistant 1116 Bioinformatics 919-962-4982
Ashalla Freeman, PhD (she/her(s)) Director, Inclusive Engagement
Director, Initiative for Maximizing Student Development (IMSD)
1123 Bioinformatics 919-843-9597
Currently Open Business Officer 1116C Bioinformatics 919-843-8291
Melissa Graves Program Coordinator 1116E Bioinformatics 919-843-4142
Zoe Silverman, LCSW (she/her/hers) Embedded Counselor 1126 Bioinformatics
LaKeya Hardy, PhD (she/her) Assistant Director, UNC PREP and Science Outreach 1125 Bioinformatics 919-843-7882
Beka Layton, PhD (she/her/hers) Director, Professional Development Programs 1124 Bioinformatics 919-843-8439
Dave McDonald, PhD (he/him/his) Director, BBSP First Year Program
Director, Biomedical Graduate Student Affairs
1121 Bioinformatics 919-843-3387
Dena Perry (she/her/hers) Program Administrator 1116D Bioinformatics 919-843-9910
Christiann Gaines, PhD (she/her/hers) Assistant Director, Doctoral Success in Graduate Education 1116A Bioinformatics 919-843-1570
Jeff Steinbach Director, BBSP Admissions 1122 Bioinformatics 919-843-7129