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Training Grant Selection Policy

In 2009 the BBSP and Training Grant directors agreed the application period for all training grants will be held late in May to avoid too much overlap with the thesis lab selection process. The first day a training program could commit a slot to a student (or accept applications if the program uses this mechanism) is the first day a thesis lab decision can be formalized. Please click here for the current Thesis Lab Selection period dates.

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Evaluation, Boilerplate, and Tables

T32 Program Evaluation Resources: A toolkit of surveys, scripts, logic models, and other resources for creating an evaluation plan for T32s.

The OGE also provides a variety of information that can be useful to training grant directors when preparing a resubmission or a new application. Below is a list of the most frequently requested documents and tables available for you to download. If these do not meet your needs, please contact Dave McDonald ( with your request.



Our office can provide data on BBSP students for T32 training grant submissions. To request data for all students or for just your program, email Jeff Steinbach (). Especially during admissions season (Dec-March), please allow several business days for a response.

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Useful Links

UNC Office of Sponsored Research

SOM Office of Research Training Grant Information

NIH Ruth L. Kirschstein NRSA Home Page

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