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Eligibility Requirements:

  • Students must be rising juniors or seniors from a 4-year college majoring in a STEM field (rising sophomores with prior research experience will also be considered).
  • Students who have their own funding (as part of MARC, RISE, McNair, LS-Amp, or like program) are encouraged to apply
  • Individuals who will contribute to the diversity in biomedical sciences are encouraged to apply, particularly those who are currently part of their home institution’s MARC, RISE, or IMSD programs.
  • Applicants are encouraged to provide information about themselves that they feel contribute to the diversity of the biomedical sciences education at the university and/or the biomedical sciences profession, including but not limited to, information about the applicant’s background, experiences, socio-economic status, or personal qualities. Each applicant’s diversity is assessed in a flexible, individualized, and holistic manner, and consideration is given to all the ways an applicant might contribute to a diverse educational environment.
  • Students with graduation dates in May 2022 are not eligible to apply unless they will continue to be enrolled at an undergraduate institution in the Fall of 2022.
  • Students that currently hold a baccalaureate degree are not eligible to apply unless they will be enrolled in an additional undergraduate program in the Fall of 2022.
  • There are no citizenship requirements for SOLAR. 

Competitive Applicants Demonstrate:

  • A GPA >3.0
  • An interest in a career in research (prior research experience and long term goals in the research field, for example)
  • An understanding of any prior research experience through a clear description of their research in their personal statement.
  • Students with their own funding (partial or full) are encouraged to apply (through a MARC. RISE, McNair, LS-Amp program, for example).

Attendance Is Required: 

Please do not apply unless you can commit to being present for the duration of the program. The dates for SOLAR 2022 are Late May – End of July.