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Here’s what past participants have said about the SOLAR Program:

2021 SOLAR alumni Anthony Abeyta-Lopez and Wilfred Fonseca-Ferrer conversing

Through various workshops throughout the program, I was introduced to alternative careers to academia that you can go into with a PhD and was able to talk to representatives from the School of Public Health. This influenced my future career and graduate school plans because I feel more confident that I could find a career that I would be happy in with a PhD outside of academia.

I gained a lot personally regarding the program in that I became more self-aware of my identity and who I am. I also saw how this plays a role in how I do science and how to be proud of my identity in science.

I gained confidence in my abilities as a scientist and exposure to different techniques and experiences (ex: dissecting mice) that I would not have back at my home institution.

It is the best program ever. We had the opportunity to have a good relationship with our program director and the other interns.

It is a great opportunity not only to improve your decision about graduate school but also to get to experience at UNC and make a lot of new friends that share similar goals as you.

It was a great experience. I learned so many valuable things that are relevant to my future career.

It is a great opportunity not only by working in a new lab, with a mentor and learning new skills and techniques, but also the activities the program has during the summer. Also, you have the chance to make friends with the people from your lab, the program director, and the other people from SOLAR and other summer programs.

Do yourself a favor and apply to the SOLAR program at UNC. If you get accepted you will have a great experience doing full-time research. Also, the program offers many professional development talks that really aid your understanding of scientific careers.

2021 SOLAR students with summer PEERS

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