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Trainees Who Entered the Program in 2008

Arce Roger Arce School of Dentistry – Oral Biology Understanding the potential role of infection of oral origin on the etiology and mechanisms of obstetric complications that lead to prematurity and growth restrictions.
Coggan Kimberly Coggan Microbiology & Immunology Reciprocal Regulation of Acute and Chronic Virulence Factor Expression in Pseudomonas aeruginosa During Cystic Fibrosis Airway Infection
Neely Crystal “CJ” Neely Microbiology & Immunology Reactivation of Latent Cytomegalovirus After Burn Injury in Both Patients and a Murine Model
Parker Lauren Parker Pharmacology Discovering novel Rho GEF inhibitors for Cancer treatment
Richardson Aaron Richardson Biomedical Engineering Target Contrast Imaging in Atherosclerosis and Other Vascular Diseases Using
Super-paramagnetic Iron Oxide Loaded RL Platelets
Rupan Rupninder “Rupan” Sandhu Pathology and Laboratory Medicine DNMT3b Mediated Hypermethylator Phenotype in Breast Cancer: Mechanism and Role in Chemotherapy
Shannahan Jonathan Shannahan Toxicology Susceptibility to Libby Amphibole Induced Pulmonary Disease in the Cardiovascular Compromised Subpopulation