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Trainees who entered the program in 2010

Burger Raquel Burger-Calderon Microbiology & Immunology Deciphering the BK Virus Enigma in HIV Patients
Casbas-Hernandez Patricia Casbas-Hernandez Pathology Pregnancy, Obseogenic Environments and Basal-like Breast Cancer
Fanelli Rebecca Fanelli Neurobiology Neurodynamics of Habitual Alcohol Self-administration in Rats and Lessons for the Treatment of Alcoholism
Free Meghan Free Pathology T Cell Dysregulation in Patients with ANCA Disease
Hayes Tikvah Hayes Genetics Mechanisms of KRAS dependency in pancreatic adenocarcinoma
Houston Kaiulani Houston Chemical Biology Development of Single Cell Peptide-Based Assays for the Measurement of Kinase Activity Multiple Myeloma
Jones Britta Jones Pathology DNA Methylation in Patients with ANCA-associated Vasculitis: Emerging Differences Based on Cell Type, Disease Serotype and Activity
Lei Peng Lei Peng Pharmaceutical Sciences Development of BTM Nanoparticles for Targeted Chemotherapy of Non-Small Lung Cancer
Roberts Adams Roberts Biochemistry & Biophysics Does-intensification of CPT-11 by Selective Inhibition of Bacterial β-glucornidase
Santoro Agostina Santoro Physiology Role of Insulin and Insulin-like Growth Factor Signaling in Obesity Associated Colorectal Cancer
Shaffer Joe Shaffer Neurobiology Identification of Disorder Subtypes in Schizophrenia
Woodford Rita-Marie T. Woodford Oral Biology Tumor-dependent Inflammation Modulation Increases Cancer Vaccine Efficacy
WoodfordWoodard Kenton Woodard Neurobiology Engineering Adeno-Associated Viral Vectors to Transduce Bipolar Cells of Human Retina