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Trainees who entered the program in 2011

Baggesen Leslie Baggesen Biomedical Engineering Three-Dimensional Acoustic Radiation Force Impulse Ultrasonic Imaging for Diagnostic Applications
Rebecca Bauer Rebecca Bauer Toxicology Toward determining how diesel exhaust exposure and viral infections interact to increase allergic inflammation in humans in vivo and in vitro
Samira Brooks Samira Brooks Toxicology Developing a Prognostic Algorithm for clear cell Renal Cell Carcinoma Using Preclinical Biomarkers for Two Distinct Subtypes
Sarah Claypool Sarah Claypool Medicinal Chemistry and Natural Products Using cell-SELEX to identify 2’F-modified RNA aptamers that specifically target pancreatic cancer.
Joe Durand Joe Durand Genetics GSK-3a regulation of NF-kB activation pathways downstream of oncogenic K Ras expression
Melissa Ellermann Melissa Ellermann Microbiology & Immunology Iron-mediated alterations to the gut microbiota in chronic intestinal inflammation
Adam Friedman Adam Friedman Pharmaceutical Sciences Development and translational application of highly-stable EGFR-inhibitory aptamers via Tip-SELEX
Alicia Greenwalt Alicia Greenwalt Genetics The RAD18 E3 Ubiquitin Ligase: A Novel Target for Cancer Therapy
Bethany Walton Bethany Walton Pathology Mechanisms through which hyperfibrinogenemia causes more stable thrombi that do not respond to treatment with thrombolytic drugs
Mariko Weber Mariko Weber Neurobiology Brain structure, function, and connectivity changes associated with improved clinical outcomes in veterans with PTSD
Kimberly Williams Kimberly Williams Neurobiology Development of potential therapeutics for HIV- associated CNS diseases
unavailable Angela Yang Pharmaceutical Sciences Development of immune-inert nanoparticles that are selectively and specifically targeted to lymphatic metastases