Rachael Turner


Research Mentor:

Dr. Lola Reid, PhD


Clinical Co-Mentor;

Dr. David Gerber, MD

Project Description:

Over 30,000 patients die annually in the US from liver failure. Of those placed on the transplantation waiting list several thousand die each year because there are insufficient donor livers available. Rachael’s research is aimed at developing grafting materials that model the liver stem cell niche for use in patients with liver failure. She will attempt to optimize growth conditions for human angioblasts and hepatic stem cells in hyaluronans as a base support matrix for both in vivo transplants and ex vivo bioreactor support systems. Her thesis mentor Lola Reid works within an extensive international collaborative network of clinical and basic investigators. Her clinician co-mentor Dr. David Gerber is a liver transplant surgeon, clinician-scientist and long-time collaborator of Dr. Reid.

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