David Irvin

Research Mentor:

Chuck Perou

Clinical Co-mentor:

Ryan Miller

miller ryan
Home Department Genetics and Molecular Biology
Project Description Diffuse gliomas are a morphologically and molecularly heterogeneous group of primary brain tumors. Glioblastoma (GBM), the most common and malignant glioma, is particularly devastating. The 12 months overall survival for GBM patients has remained nearly unchanged for 40 years. Currently, GBM is diagnosed by microscopic morphology and is treated with external beam radiation and DNA alkylating agents such as temozolomide. Importantly, neither glioma diagnosis nor therapy is based on the underlying molecular and genetic alterations responsible for the pathogenesis of GBM. To address these concerns, we propose to use genetically engineered mouse models of GBM to define the impact of specific initiating genetic events on the acquisition of copy number abnormalities during progression and their collective effects on GBM subtype-specification. We will also explore the impact of the cell of origin on GBM molecular phenotypes. Ultimately, these studies will improve the molecular classification of GBM and inform the next generation of clinical trials involving patients with specific GBM molecular subtypes.