Kristin Sellers


Research Mentor:

Flavio Frolich


Clinical Co-mentor:

John Gilmore

Home Department Neurobiology
Project Description

Ongoing brain activity synchronizes into physiological and pathological patterns characterized by oscillations. Diseases, such as schizophrenia, are accompanied by characteristic changes in the frequency structure of on-going brain activity. By understanding the role of specific oscillations and changing their activity, novel treatments might be developed for neuropsychiatric disorders. Towards this purpose, my research is composed of the following aims: (1) to characterize the mechanisms and functions of physiological cortical oscillations in an animal model using multichannel electrophysiology during attention and different cortical states, and (2) to measure the influence of non-invasive brain stimulation on human neurophysiology and cognitive behavior. This work will inform work towards the development of non-pharmaceutical, network-level clinical interventions to help treat neuropsychiatric disorders through the targeted application of non-invasive electrical current.

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