Lin Xiao

Research Mentor:

Andrew Dudley

Clinical Co-mentor:

Nancy Demore

Home Department Cell and Molecular Physiology
Project Description The development of resistance to anti-angiogenic therapies remains a major clinical obstacle in the treatment of solid tumors. We hypothesize that a process termed endothelial-mesenchymal transition (EndoMT), whereby vascular endothelial cells lose their specification, contributes to resistance to anti-angiogenic therapies. Preliminary results from our lab suggest that endothelial cells stimulated with TNFα or TGFβ downregulate VEGF-R2, the principle target of anti-angiogenic therapy. My project will investigate EndoMT in breast cancer using a transgenic mouse model (C3-TAg) and human breast tumor samples. The mechanisms of EndoMT in tumor-specific endothelial cells and its contribution to tumor anti-angiogenic resistance will also be examined in vitro and in vivo.