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FMME 417: Acting Internship in Family Medicine

What were some highlights about your elective?

“My elective at UNC is an acting internship in family medicine and I am just halfway through. What I love about this rotation is the variety. We complete two weeks of inpatient medicine on a very busy service, one week of inpatient nights, which is a really neat experience, and one week of Maternal Child Health where we care for both OB patients and newborns. I enjoyed being able to round on both mom and baby at the same time each morning; it felt comprehensive and efficient and I think families were happy to have less interruptions.

Another highlight is the family medicine team. The residents and attendings are all extremely pleasant and helpful – like everyone else in Chapel Hill!- and foster a non-intimidating learning environment. They’re also very patient with us visiting students who are learning the UNC Hospitals protocols and computer system for the first time.”


Why did you choose to apply to UNC?

“My husband is from Boone, NC. I love the state and hope to settle and raise our family here. UNC has one of the most extensive visiting student programs for international students in the US and their family medicine program is one of the best in the country so it really was a nobrainer! I’m just honoured that I was given the opportunity to rotate here.”


A unique perspective you can comment on? 

“I’m a new mom with a 6-month-old baby at home that is breastfed and I have found UNC to be very accommodating. There are numerous private lactation rooms throughout the hospital, each with a complimentary hospital-grade pump for our use. The family medicine team is also very understanding and actually goes out of their way to ensure I’m getting sufficient pumping breaks. A huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders as I thought I would have to stop breastfeeding my daughter during this rotation.”