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What made you choose to apply to this elective?

The reason I chose to do Cardiology research elective at UNC was because in this day and age research experience is quintessential for every medical student. It not only helps you to develop analytic and critical thinking for better understanding of disease but is also extremely helpful for interpretation scientific literature to keep one up to date with the latest advances in the field. From the time of application to the conclusion of elective, the OIA was immensely supportive and helpful at every step of the way.

The preventive cardiology elective was the perfect amalgamation of research and clinical experience for me. In addition to learning the basics of research methodology and working on the ongoing SUDDEN research project, I also got the opportunity to refine my clinical skills at the cardiology clinic. Dr Simpson and the entire team were extremely encouraging throughout the elective. I was included in all major project discussions, given regular feedbacks regarding my performance and was provided with all the assistance to come up with my individual research project. The course exceeded my expectations and by end of it I was confident of my knowledge of research methodology and comfortable with interpretation of various study designs. My interactions and cross-cultural exchange with students at UNC further enhanced my overall enriching experience