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Course Number: APSM 402-5

Course Title: Advanced Practice Selective in Internal Medicine- Portugal, Hospital Sao Joao- Porto/ Porto Medical School

Who can Participate?: 4th year medical students

Course description: Takes place in Porto, Portugal

Learning Objectives- 1. APS- as outlined for the course. 2. Electives- as outline for APS clinical component.

Learning Activities- Conferences,Rounds,Seminars,History/Patient Interview,Physical exam,Clinic,Didactic sessions,On call optional,Literature review,Interpretation of lab results,Observe procedures,Other.

Evaluation- Participate in rounds, participate in conferences, develop differential diagnosis, develop treatment plan, present at case conference, paper, Other. Students are required to write a blog weekly, outlining the health care delivery system and medical education system comparing US to Portugal, no less that weekly. Students are also expected to check in weekly with the UNC Course Director (Dr. Felix).

Requirements: All application phase courses must be completed. Special permission from Dr. Felix/Dr. Harrigan. Must contact Dr. Felix no later than 4 months prior to the start of the rotation.

Course Director: Ana Felix /

Course Credit: Yes, 6 credit hours

Time of Year & duration: March, May, June, September, October, January, February, March. Coordinated with University of Porto, so availability may change over time.