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MEDI 465 – AI in Ward Medicine

Divya Sudireddy – Apollo Institute of Medical Sciences and Research

Before I started my elective, I thought it would be really intimidating and I was really nervous about starting. But after coming here throughout the first week, everyone was really nice. All the interns, residents, fellows and even the attendings made me feel like I really belonged here. It was a great experience. I feel like I really improved because of their help. They actually sat down with me and took time out to explain everything from the basics like how to use EPIC and write up the notes.  This was totally different compared to our home country.  One thing new was the bedside rounds, which I really enjoyed where we had to explain to the patient what was happening and at the same time explain to the attending what was happening which really helped me improve my communication skills.  With bedside rounds, the attendings always encouraged us and gave us great feedback with ways to improve. They weren’t dominating. That’s one thing that is different, in our home country we’re always scared to go up and talk to them, here it’s really easy to approach the attendings and ask about anything.

The Office of International Activities was so helpful and replied immediately to everything. They have been really involved and helped me have a great experience.  The get together was great, we got to meet and interact with each other. Using the Facebook group and seeing previous experiences on the website was really helpful.

I’m living on campus, 10 min away near Franklin St.  It was really easy to commute. I got used to waking up early because I have to be here at 6 am. Every other day was a long day and every other day was a short day. The long days are 6 to 7 pm. With downtime, I would take walks on Franklin St. There are so many good restaurants, especially Als burgers and Med Deli!  I also went to Jordan Lake, Raleigh, and Durham.